Moving Services

There’s so much to do when you’re moving! Tender Transitions is here to help. We help you move to your new home in a retirement community or managed care facility in a way that traditional moving companies cannot.

Luxury home living room with contemporary decor.

We serve the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area and have the capacity to facilitate moves statewide or nationwide.

We treat you like family! We help you with all areas of the move. We clean out your closets, attic and garage. We  provide the muscle and know how to physically move your things. We think of everything for you. Our experience allows us to assist families in making difficult decisions and to perform time consuming tasks.

We realize that you have a lifetime of memories and possessions collected over the years. We move each and every item with utmost tender care – packing and special handling your valuable items.

Once you arrive at your new home, we’ll unpack your boxes, remove the packing materials, organize your things in your new home, and arrange your furniture. We even make your bed for you.

Jamie Kerman

Manager, Senior Moving Service

(281) 635-4121

Tender Transitions BBB

We are a BBB Company with an A+ Rating
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Move Coordination

Floor Plans

Packing - including special handling of valuable items

Assist/Coordinate movers

Hire Movers

Supervise Movers on Move Day

Personal Assistant to help prepare for the move

Assistance in purging closets, paperwork and kitchen

Set Up New Home

Unpack boxes

Organize home

Remove packing materials

Make beds

Hang artwork

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